Build revenue and boost your brand with Cnect Sync

A fully white-labeled hiring platform that seamlessly integrates with your brand, enabling you to boost revenue and offer a highly valued product to your current customer base.

Cnect Sync is the key to unlocking new opportunities for your organization

Expand your services to your current clients

Our hiring platform allows you to provision new accounts on Cnect for your existing or new customers in seconds.

Brand enhancement via white-labeling

Elevate your brand identity by offering your customers an exclusive, white-labeled version of Cnect, ensuring that only your brand is visible to them.

The premier white-labeled hiring platform
Unlock Brand Excellence with Cnect Sync: Your White-Labeled Hiring Platform
Platform access for your company hiring needs

As a reseller of Cnect, you can leverage capabilities of the Cnect hiring platform within your organization and for your internal hiring, supported by our top-tier client assistance throughout the entire process.


Organize applicants with visual pipelines

Gain a clear overview of your hiring process with our visual pipelines, making it easy to track candidate progress and identify bottlenecks.

A better experience for all

Automate and streamline your hiring process with our powerful engagement tools, ensuring that you stay connected with every candidate every step of the way. While providing an exceptional candidate experience that leaves a positive impression, we encourage top talent to apply for future opportunities.

The premier white-labeled hiring platform

Discover the benefits of the Cnect Sync hiring platform